Booking A Room

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Rooms Available

The facilities within our premises are suitable for a range of meetings, conferences, training courses, plays, children's parties & other activities. There are 5 function rooms of differing sizes, a kitchen & a stage.

Car parking is NOT available during weekdays; limited parking at other times.

Alcohol & smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises.

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Wesley Hall

The largest of our rooms measures c11m x 11m with a maximum seating capacity of 178 when used for shows or conferences etc; about 100 seated at tables for a meal etc. The hall has a large stage with front, side & backdrop curtains. (Stage lighting may be available for an extra charge.) The hall windows are fully curtained enabling the area to be blacked out when required.

Bourne Hall

This double glazed room measures c9m x 5m and has a pull down projection screen and curtains. The room could be used as a dining room seating 35 people or, for larger functions where the Wesley Hall (quite close by) is used for the main event, this room would be suitable for serving a large buffet. There is a serving hatch from this room through to the kitchen.

Epworth Room

This double glazed room is c6m x 4m suitable for small meetings, seminars or as a dining room extra to the Bourne Hall.

Choir Vestry

This double glazed, carpeted room is c4m x 4m adjacent to the Sanctuary. Upholstered seats and full drop curtains make it a comfortable room for small meetings.


Whilst this area of our building is designed for worship, its large seating capacity is also available for concerts and other approved events.

Using it for acts of worship by outside groups would need the approval of our Minister.


The Kitchen would need to be booked and paid for as an extra room. At times, it may have to be shared with others using the premises. The room includes a central work station ideally suited for use by children under supervision, a commercial dishwasher, fridge and freezer, hot cabinet, modern hygienic kitchen surfaces and flooring, cupboards, fixtures and fittings.

These can be made by contacting our Bookings Secretary: 01753 578 652

Session Times (Rooms are booked by the session, not by the hour.)
Morning 0900 ~ 1300

Afternoon 1330 ~ 1730

Evening 1800 ~ 2200 (The building would need to be vacated by 2200)

Car Parking for events at the church:
There are no parking spaces available before 1730 Monday ~ Friday for events in our building, unless you have a permit. After that time, and on Saturdays & Sundays, limited parking is available entirely at the risk of the driver. Public car park spaces are available within 50 metres of the building.

For information regarding regular Monday ~ Friday parking permits,
contact our Bookings Secretary:
there are some Car Parking spaces (Mon to Fri only)
currently available in our car park
@ £50 per month (approx. £2.50 per day).
Monthly permits only.
Daily/weekly permits are not available.
If you are interested please contact
Joyce on 01753 578 652
07922 316 244

Parking on the church's driveway, pavement or grass is prohibited.

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