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Suggestions of books to read:
These books, or any others, can be ordered from
St Andrew's Bookshop
61-65 High Street
Great Missenden
HP16 0AA
Tel/Fax: 01494 862168
St Andrew's Bookshops (which just happens to have the same name as our church! No other connection.)

or Quench, 19 Queen Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1NB
Tel. 01628 621 985
Quench Shops

The Bible, of course! Try one of the traditional versions or something more modern such as 'The Message'. Click here to read further information about 'The Message'.

The Shack
The Shack, by William P. Young. Go to The Shack to read more comments such as these:
'I am so touched by this book! It really made me think about all kinds of things. I can't seem to stop telling people to read it. Never have I picked up a book and the only thing I can think is WOW. Every chapter was loaded with even more to contimplate! I have to wonder if maybe I have run into Papa in the human form. Who doesn't judge someone or something every now and then? I am now very careful about what I say and how I look at things. Forgiveness is a big word what and is presented so well. It just totally rocks all the way around. I had to find some place to talk about this book. I hope it has touches all of you as well.'

'I too was deeply moved and touched by this book; even took notes. NO JOKE! I have done nothing but think about all the aspects of this book and how it relates to life, my life. It made me do some serious soul searching and I too find myself having a different point of view and 'checking in' with my thoughts before opening my mouth; not a practice I did before. The one thing that I find amazing is the way that God's love for us is expressed. At one point, I felt like they were digging out the roots of my soul as well.'

Click here to read further information about 'Wordlive'.

'WordLive – a website which allows you to step into a multi-media Bible reading experience and deepen your relationship with God.

WordLive offers a fantastic range of creative approaches you can follow to engage with God’s Word. WordLive is designed to be intuitive and simple. Each day when you log on you will be prompted to pray and then read the Bible. The next step is up to you.

Using the revolving carousel that sits underneath each day’s Bible passage, you can watch a video, listen to the Bible passage, dig deeper into further Bible study, dip into creative prayer suggestions and explore other activities.

You can sign up to receive a daily WordLive email or podcast. Or you may prefer to access WordLive through your mobile or pda. However you choose to use it, WordLive brings God’s Word to you, wherever you go.

We want to offer WordLive to as many people as possible, and encourage everyone to deepen their relationship with God through the Bible! WordLive is updated and growing each day with new notes, images, videos and audio. It also has an extensive archive of material. It is still developing and will keep evolving.

We want to reach out to as many people as we can with WordLive so it’s FREE of charge to use.'

There are many websites offering recommended reading ideas for Christians. Search the web & make your choice!
To get you started, try the following:
Aslan Christian Books

Quench: suggestions. They have a shop in Maidenhead.

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