Groups using our premises, but not organised by St Andrew's.

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A number of external groups use the premises at St Andrew's.
Anyone who comes near on Saturdays will know that there are
dancing classes in the morning and the afternoon. Other regulars include
The Thames Valley Sparks for retired M&S employees
The Slough Civic Society
The Disabled Men’s Club
Best Practice helping unemployed people prepare for work again
STEAM ~ Slough Town Employment Action Movement
The Samaritans
three Housing Association Tenants’Groups
meetings of volunteers for the Prince’s Trust

Disabled Men's Club
The club meets on alternate Mondays from 2pm - 4pm at the church. Members have to be 18+ and disabled males. Members play board games & dominoes etc. Sandwiches, cakes and tea are provided & and there is a raffle where everyone gets a prize. The only cost is for a raffle ticket for which there is no set price. People give what they feel able to afford. The club organises a a lunchtime meal out together twice a year and a summer outing.
Please contact Joyce Jarman for details.
Telephone: 01753 578652

Footlights Dancing School

In 1992 many people in Slough found themselves unemployed. At the invitation of the then Industrial Chaplain, Bob Nind, a group of unemployed people formed themselves into S.T.E.A.M. (Slough Town Employment Action Movement). They met weekly for lunch – and their successors still meet regularly – to gather and share information on jobs, courses and benefits and plan projects.

STEAM's first contribution to the local community was to organise the first One World Festival in Slough. They then published several booklets on the experiences of unemployed people in Boom Town Slough and a video called STEAM at Work.

In May 2003, STEAM staged a successful exhibition at the Slough Museum entitled The Factories That Changed Slough, about the rapid growth of Slough Trading Estate and employment during the inter-war years. This was followed in 2005 by a second exhibition Another 22 Organisations that Changed Slough and District. Both exhibitions featured photographs of people at work and the products they made and were accompanied by exhibition booklets. For the second exhibition STEAM was presented with the Mayor's Award for "Arts Project of the Year". These booklets together with the 2006 publication, Henrietta Ward, a Victorian Artist in Slough, may be purchased as the Slough Museum.

Current projects include another in the industrial heritage series on the commercial history of the Slough Arm of the Grand Junction Canal and research on the problem of long-term unemployment of older workers.

Nowadays STEAM meets at St Andrew’s for a bring-and-share lunch on alternate Mondays. We also have a computer and desk at Kingsway URC in Church Street. Unemployed? Job-seeking? Come and join us until you find that job, and help us with our projects. To find out more contact Richard Hall (Voluntary Industrial Chaplain) on
01753 573521

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