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Small miracles are possible and we can help make them happen. That belief is central to the work of MRDF, and is why we are getting involved in the Thames Valley circuit as MRDF coordinators.

‘We’ are Hannah Craine and Tim Baker, who worship at St Andrew’s in Slough. Hannah teaches Year 6 at a primary school in South London and Tim works for the Westminster Foundation – a grant-making charity in central London. In our spare time, we are planning our wedding in late October and enjoy good food, conversation, musicals (mostly Hannah) and walking (mostly Tim).

MRDF is Methodists changing the world! Although a separate charity, MRDF has a strong connection to the Methodist Church and stands for Methodist Relief and Development Fund. MRDF works with partner organisations in some of the world’s poorest communities. Their aims are to eradicate poverty, provide emergency assistance in times of disaster and challenge the causes of poverty and injustice through education (both in the UK and overseas).

Last year, MRDF supported long-term development in 17 countries across the globe. These stretch from El Salvador in Central America to Cambodia in East Asia, and range from empowering women in Nepal to helping Batwa families secure legal rights to land in Burundi.
This year, MRDF continues to support ongoing projects in countries such as Togo (where their Harvest appeal seeks to improve farming techniques), India, (a ‘Taste of India’ appeal is underway), and Cameroon (partnering with CDVTA to support and empower elderly people).
They are currently undergoing a strategic review to explore how they could further help the world’s poorest communities.

MRDF is not new to the Thames Valley. Local churches have been supporting the charity for many years, and our own Revd Sonia Hicks is a former Trustee. We hope the circuit can build on these foundations and further engage local Methodists with international development. Our prayers of intercessions, both personal and public, regularly focus on the world’s poorest and most deprived communities. MRDF enables us all to respond to those prayers, becoming the hands and feet of Christ in God’s world. A very exciting prospect!
This Methodist year we will focus on providing opportunities for us all (churches, individuals and both of us) to explore together, and learn about, global injustice, the causes of poverty and how we might respond to these. We will run MRDF’s ‘Iota’ course, which considers such issues, in early 2014. We invite you to travel on this learning journey with us...

If you would like to know more, or would be interested in attending the ‘Iota’ course, contact Tim and Hannah at or visit the ‘MRDF Thames Valley’ Facebook page.

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