Mission Statement

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This is an invitation to look forward and to share in a vision for the future of our church in the 21st Century.

The VISION is that God wants St Andrew's to be a living, growing, caring, servant church.

* To proclaim the good news of God's love
* To nurture the faith of those within our care
* To show God's love by service in the community and wider world
* To use our gifts to challenge those injustices which hinder God's plan for His world

A Living Church
*Has members who know God's love and long to share it with others
*They are open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and seek to do His will at all times

A Growing Church
*Commits itself to regular worship, prayer, bible study and fellowship
*It believes there is no limit to the numerical and spiritual growth that God can bring about

A Caring Church
*Values and respects people of all ages and varying abilities as members of the Body of Christ
*Recognises that each person is worthwhile, unique and has gifts to contribute to the church

A Serving Church follows Christ's command to serve rather than be served.
It is sensitive to:
* Needs in its community and the wider world and is always ready to deny self and respond in love
* Being obedient to God, recognising that all it has is a gift from God, to be offered freely in His service
* Responding generously to demands on its time and resources, believing that 'in giving' it will be given sufficient for its needs
* Recognising, affirming and supporting members in their service to God in their daily work, family life and community service
* Heeding our Lord's desire that we all be ONE, and seeks at every opportunity to work with Christians of other denominations in spreading the Christian gospel.

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