Slough Foodbank

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Slough Foodbank

Slough Foodbank is a local initiative run by volunteers from a variety of Slough churches. We are an independent charity, part of the Trussell Trust foodbank network.
There are 4 distribution centres:
Slough Baptist Church, Windsor Road, Slough SL1 2EJ
Mon 12.00 - 14.00
Thu 11.00 - 14.00

Langley Community Centre, Meadow Road,Langley SL3 7QA
Tue 10.30 - 12.30

St. Andrew's Shared Church, Washington Dr, Cippenham SL1 5RE
Wed 11.00 - 14.00

Monksfield Way Children's Centre, Monksfield Way SL2 1QX
Sat 10.00 am - 11.30 am

Go to the website link above to check opening times & when you can redeem your voucher.

Donations are collected by local churches, schools & from the public at collection points in supermarkets etc. This food is then sorted & made available to those in need.

People in need may be experiencing problems with low income; benefits being paid late or not at all; with redundancy & unemployment; sickness; unexpected debt; domestic violence; etc.

Professional partner agencies such as health care workers, children's centres, domestic violence refuges, Homestart, Probation Service etc. hand out vouchers to those in need. These vouchers can then be exchanged at Slough Foodbank for parcels of food which will last for 3 days to help people 'get back on their feet'.

There are many, many reasons why people end up in crisis & need the help that Slough Foodbank offers:
• Working Household: “A financial struggle due to debts. Council tax bill very high and having to pay bailiffs”
This family were unable to cope despite being waged and say that Slough foodbank “helped us get through a tough time”.

• Domestic Violence: “I had to flee from my home due to domestic violence and move into a women’s refuge.”
This young mum of 2 (6 years and 14 months) says that Foodbank “Helped with being able to feed the children as money was taken up due to travelling and paying for storage.”

• We have supported a man just out of prison until his benefits came through and chatted and prayed for him as he had had no contact with his 2 year old child whilst in prison.

• We have supported many guys and a few women in probation hostels or just released from prison as their £46 of release grant has to last until benefits come through. Unfortunately, this can take a while and they are often released into an area unknown to them and therefore there is no community or family support to whom they can turn.

• We have supported a family with 3 children: mum had MS and was getting worse; dad gave up work to look after her and the children; they delayed applying for benefits hoping they could make ends meet and times would get better, but it didn't. Their situation just got worse. They were found one day by a support worker from 'Crossroads', trying to sell their Wii console and the games to make some money for food. The worker referred them to us; we gave them food for a short period while the 'Crossroads' worker helped them to apply for the benefits they were entitled to.

• We have supported a couple with one child: mum was the bread winner, dad looked after the child, but dad's mental health deteriorated and mum gave up work, partly to keep the child safe and to help her husband. Money ran out and benefits took too long to come through. Foodbank vouchers helped to fill the short crisis gap inbetween.

See the shopping list here.
PLEASE DO NOT donate Pasta, Baked Beans or Chick Peas until further notice.

We still have many items in storage but are running out of the following:
Long Life fruit juice
Sugar - 500g bags
Coffee - small jars
Tinned Rice Pudding
Sponge Puddings

Buy one; get one free: keep one; donate the other!
Donate both!

Slough Foodbank contact details:
For information on food donations (how to make a donation or arrange collection):
Food donations:

Foodbanks raise all sorts of questions for us: political, theological, moral and personal questions. The Joint Public Issues Team (@PublicIssues on Twitter) is an ecumenical group, working across the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church and the Church of Scotland, have produced this very helpful resource. Read more here.
Faith In Foodbanks. Click here.

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