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The Methodist Church Zimbabwean Fellowship in the UK, referred to as the MCZF-UK, was formed by a small group of Zimbabwean Methodist women who came together for that purpose in 2002. The group was officially inaugurated by the then Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (Rev Cephas Mukandi). The establishment of the MCZF-UK is recognized by the British Conference, through the World Church office. The Fellowship has since grown into a body made up of 21 branches countrywide from Southampton to Edinburgh, including this one at St Andrew's Methodist Church, Slough.

The Fellowship works to:
a) Encourage members to participate in all aspects of their local churches and of the Fellowship

b) Create and maintain cultural awareness of traditional Zimbabwean Methodist Church styles of worship and music and to participate in relevant group activities.

These objectives are closely followed by the desire by Zimbabwean Methodists to get the opportunity to assemble from time to time and engage in the Zimbabwean style of worship, largely based on the handbook ‘Nziyo dzeMethodist Neminamato’ or ‘Methodist Songs and Prayers’.

We also seek to cultivate a vibrant Youth wing to encourage a healthy distribution of all age groups across the congregations to achieve continuity. These aspirations are enshrined in drafts that are currently being put together for our Mission Statement.

The UK Fellowhip's Chaplain is currently Reverend Adam Nyawo and he works 50% of his time with the Fellowship and 50% of his time with the British Church. He is currently stationed in London.

A service for Zimbabwean Methodists is held at St Andrew's at 12.30 each Sunday.

Please contact our Chairperson on 07411 283 026 for more details.

Annual Convention
Yearly, the Ruwadzano/Manyano which is the women's organisation of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, hold an annual convention. This is the time where women who have participated in the women's activities and have come forward to become full members of the organisation are bloused in the red blouses which is the uniform for the full members of the Ruwadzano/Manyano. 2013 saw the convention taking place at the Hayes Conference Centre in Derby and women from all the Zimbabwean Fellowships congregated, branches from Scotland to Southampton!

Among many activities that take place, one is to promote the Vernacular Methodist hymns by holding singing competitions. This year's hymn was 253 from the Shona hymnbook (Izwi Rashe rakasvika) a Fully Trusting hymn.

We are pleased to say our Slough Branch was represented by eight ladies (Annah Mwadiwa, Violet Nyandoro, Thembi Chademunhu, Lilian Hlabangana, Lenear Machakata, Diana Chonzi from St Andrew's and Victoria Small and Joyce Dhliwayo both from Ledgers Road Methodist Church. Our appreciation goes to Victoria Small who took the lead as our choir conductor. Our choir came first in the singing competitions! The photos below show the group with the trophy that we won.

We are now continuing to practice and would be blessing our Circuit with music whenever we can.

We are thankful to our Superintendant Minister, all Ministers and all leaders in the Circuit for the support that we continue to receive from all in the Thames Valley Circuit.

God Bless
Annah Mwadiwa
Chairwoman of the Ruwadzano/Manyano

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